A Step By Step Guide to Set KPIs for Team Members

Top 10 Customer Support Metrics and KPIs

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When you measure this customer service metric over time and analyze how your trend is – if the percentage is unusually high, it is suggested to find out the key reasons and plan strategies. With the help of the simple formula, you can carry out customer service evaluation. You have to divide the sum of all times to resolution by the total number of cases resolved.

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They want a resolution to their problem or an answer to their question right then and there! Unfortunately, they are often met with barriers to quick resolution such as long mean time to resolve due to understaffing or escalation process inefficiencies. First Level Resolution Rate is a measure of an IT Support organization’s overall competency and is a proxy for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Henrik Saetre of AdChina.io adds, “As a SaaS company, our churn rate has a tremendous impact on our bottom line. By having our focus on churn, we work to measure the most important metric.

Top 10 Customer Support Metrics and KPIs

Percentage of incidents resolved by the first level of support (first call or contact with the IT help desk). While monitoring the number of tickets, pay attention to their quality as well. It’s a subjective metric that defines the relevancy and intent of each incoming request. The goal is to answer as many questions as possible before people even ask. Use common questions from your support experience, track niche communities, and Quora. Support specialists need to be tied to money stuff and stay on top of everything that’s going on in your company.


For instance, how-to tickets are mapped to agent 1, and tech support tickets to agent 2, and so on. Improving training, quality of support, and revising customer service policies can help with improving FCR. Another key aspect of the KPI process is to ensure that your team understands the ultimate goals of the organization and the plan of action that should be followed to achieve them. This will empower your workforce with a purpose to fulfil their responsibilities. The first step in setting KPIs is to understand how these performance indicators will be used to monitor progress. Before setting KPIs for teams, gather the members and discuss what criteria should be used to determine their KPIs and how these will impact their performance.

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At first glance, it seems that customer service KPI scores take a backseat to traditional business KPIs, like profits, costs and regional sales. However, key customer support metrics may paint a more complete picture of success for the long-term viability of a business. The service level calculates your capacity to complete the standards set in the service level agreement provided to your customers. It is an ensemble of services agreed upon as a standard that your company is committed to maintaining. For instance, you stated to answer 70% of the email requests you receive within 1 business day.

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