A Guided Tour Of LED Flyboard Suit

Check out this quick overview of the different types of LEDs as an example for flyboard show and watersports costumes.

Control of suits in real time from the PC and Madrix software.

In this video we are demonstrate how work the led suits and sinch with music in real time. For it we are use professional software Madrix and Artnet controller own manufacturing.

Type of battery for cage dress

We offer for choose 2 type of the battery holder boxes.*

  • AA 1.5 v Battery 8 pcs – Total 12v 

These type of batteries are available in almost all stores

  • 18650 Liion 3.7 v   –  3 pcs 12.3 v recommend buy 3000-3500mAh (rechargeable battery)

Since they are not sold in a regular store, we recommend buying them in advance on ebay or in another online store.