What type of batteries does your product use?

Insert the batteries into the battery compartment. It depends on the type of batteries with the item in your order.

Use AA 1.5 volts batteries 8 pcs.

Use rechargeable battery 18650 3,7 volts 3 pcs.

Be sure to charge them before use.

After that, connect the battery compartment with a plug to the dimmer or controller. It depends on the option of the item you use.


This dimmer for a LED product with one color LEDs. You can change brightness of the LEDs (1-8 or other quantity of the brightness levels. From 1 most low, 4 medium, 8 most high)

Low brightness allows you to increase the glow time before the batteries are discharged.

We recommend to use 4 level.


This controller for items with RGB LEDs. Can be choosing and switching the color and effects, change brightness of the color.

remote control for led suit
insert the battery type 2032

Insert a 2032 type battery into the remote control.

Press on the remote the button ON

When you press the on and off buttons on the remote small light should flash. When you press the ON button on the controller, the light should also light up.

Connect the connector of the controller to the LED product.

To get started, you will need to buy batteries type AA or 18650 and a charger for 18650 only.

We recommend using batteries from trusted manufacturers.

If you need help with the purchase in the selection of batteries and a charger, please contact us and we will send you links to suitable options.

Сharge the batteries before use the suit.

Connect the batteries to the suit only before use and do not leave them after use as they will be discharged and may fail.

Insert the batteries in the correct polarity as indicated on the battery compartment.

do not leave batteries compartment connected to the suit after use it. Disconnect them.