Please observe the following rules before using on the water and learn how to use the LED costume. 

To get started, you will need to buy batteries and a charger.

We recommend using batteries from trusted manufacturers.

If you need help with the purchase in the selection of batteries and a charger, please contact us and we will send you links to suitable options.

Сharge the batteries before use the suit.

Connect the batteries to the suit only before use and do not leave them after use as they will be discharged and may fail.

Insert the batteries in the correct polarity as indicated on the battery compartment.


Connect the battery compartment with batteries to the connector on the bag.

Switch effects on the controller by pressing the buttons.

In this case, they are located in the left sleeve at the wrist.


After that, you can put the battery compartment into the bag and close it up.

Check that the connections between the suit and the bag.

They must be tightly clamped.

Fasten close the bag using the clip as shown in the pictures.

Put it in your suit pocket and close the zipper.

Now you can put on the suit and use it.

Rinse thoroughly under running water after use in salt water.

do not leave batteries compartment connected to the suit after use it